Toroidal-Spiral Particles

Droplet sedimentation kinetics and interaction

When a polymer droplet sediments in a miscible solution, viscous forces overwhelm any small miscible interfacial tension existing between the polymer and the bulk solutions to roll up the interface into an intricate toroidal-spiral shape. This heterogeneous structure, whose length and width can be precisely manipulated by tuning the fluid dynamic parameters, presents large surface-to-volume ratio.

Co-encapsulation and delivery of antibodies and small molecular drugs

The release schedule of the compounds can be independently manipulated to reach best drug synergy.

Therapeutic cell delivery

The toroidal-spiral particles are designed for in vivo cell expansion and delivery.


Scalable, continuous process to generate nanoparticles with well-controlled physicochemical and biomedical properties

The nanoparticles are designed with cooperative features for better treatment of complex diseases.
These biocompatible and biodegradable nanoparticles are synthesized with narrow size distribution, high drug loading, and long-term stability.

Advanced X-ray techniques

Integration of microfluidic devices with synchrotron X-ray for the in situ detection of ultra-fast self-assembly kinetics

Molecular packing, binding, and degradation at the interface