Microfluidics and Nanotechnologies















May 2016 Congratulations to Magda for completing her PhD degree.


January 2016 Congratulations to Dr. Liu for the UIC research of the year Rising-star award.


January 2015 Congratulations to Alex for receiving the Chancellor Research Award.


January 2015 Congratulations to Catalina for completing her degree.


January 2015 Welcome Paola Leon Plata.


May 2014 Welcome Paulina Ciupinski


January 2014 Congratulations Professor Liu for receiving an NSF Career Award.


December 2013 Congratulations! Magdalena Szymusiak is a recipient of the 2013 Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship.


December 2013 Congratulations to Vishal Sharma for successfully defending this month. He is now a Parenteral Formulation Scientist at Wockhardt Ltd.


October 2013 Welcome Pin Zhang and Catalina Mogollon.


September 2013 Welcome Matthew Kubik.


August 2013 Congratulations Dr. Liu for receiving a Proof of Concept OTM Award.


August 2013 Welcome Timothy Zhou and Jennifer Du from IMSA.


June 2013 Welcome Daniel Shumaker (Whitney Young High School).


May 2013 Congratulations to Prof. Liu for receiving the College of Engineering Research Award.


May 2013 Congratulations to Hao Shen, Yuan Zhang and Ross Ransom for completing their degrees. Dr. Hao Shen is going to join Dow Chemical as a Formulation Process Engineer. Yuan Zhang will Join Sinopec. Ross Ransom is a Process Development Engineer at Abbvie.